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Kernel update breaks LVM


I use a Debian etch with Backport for Xen.
Things are working for months, but after a update for the kernel,
LVM stopped working.


xen:~# lvextend -L30G /dev/vg0/kerio-disk
  Extending logical volume kerio-disk to 30,00 GB
  device-mapper: reload ioctl failed: Das Argument ist ungültig

xen:~# uname -a
Linux xen 2.6.18-6-xen-amd64 #1 SMP Fri Aug 21 16:46:08 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux

xen:~# lvm version
  LVM version:     2.02.07 (2006-07-17)
  Library version: 1.02.08 (2006-07-17)
  Driver version:  4.7.0


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