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Re: Mercurial backport

Vincent Danjean schrieb am Monday, den 03. August 2009:

> Vincent Danjean wrote:
> > Mercurial backport is on my perso APT repo (see my signature but use
> > "stable" instead of "unstable").
> > I will upload it to backport as soon as 1.3.1-1 reaches testing
> As of today, mercurial is "7 out of 10 days" for unstable->testing migration.
> However, I will be probably off line for 15 days (vacation starting from
> tomorrow evening).
> I will upload the package to backport now. Can admins (Alexander Wirt)
> put it on hold in the queue three days until mercurial 1.3.1-1 reaches testing
> instead of rejecting it ? mercurial 1.3.1 has lots of improvements over the
> 1.0.1 in stable.
Sure, no problem. 

Alex - bpo ftpmaster

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