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Re: Debian-Bug 527910 in openoffice.org 3.1.0-5 from Backports.org?


Rene Engelhard wrote:
> Hans wrote:
> > I installed the actual Openoffice.org
> > from backports.org. As a result the openoffice.org-base-module shows the
> > behaviour described in Debian-Bug 527910. That bug should be fixed in
> > the version 3.1.0-2.
> Just that it's not the same bug afaics. Just similar symptoms.

Actually, it seems it is the same bug - just with kab instead of
evolution :)

Will try to build a +2 asap.

> > I have installed the package openoffice.org-evolution from backports.org
> >  Nevertheless the openoffice.org-base-module crashes as soon as I want

Where does it crash, please? I just see a slient exit, no crash.



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