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Re: pybliographic for lenny


* Matteo Semplice <matteo.semplice@tele2.it> [2009-06-17 22:31:27 CEST]:
>  does anyone have any idea on why pybliographic is not in lenny? Is anyone 
> planning a backport?

 For a start, it's called pybliographer, did take me a bit to find your
typo. :)

 From what I see from its changelog it is because the python 2.5
compatible update was done in july 2008, which was too late for getting
it into lenny at that point. <http://bugs.debian.org/477018>

 You might want to ask the package maintainer himself about offering a
backport, to make up for the reason that got the package removed from
lenny in the first place. ;)

 So long!

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