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Re: Sarge-Backports

* Matthias Münch <djbase@gmx.de> wrote:
> Hello,
> I just wanted to know if there is somewhere a mirror of the old sarge- 
> backports? Problem that I have is that I can not upgrade my machine to a 
> newer version because I only have an old kernel that works. Are the  
> backports gone forever?

But there are no updates any more since 1(!) year and you'll never be
able to update any package from there.

| as some of you may heard [1] the security support for sarge will be
| terminated on March 31st. This will also be the end of backports.org
| support for sarge-backports. Uploads to sarge-backports will not be able
| any more after this date, but it will not immediatly removed from our
| servers, so downloads will still be possible for some time, but don't
| expect that this will be forever!
This is from 2008...


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