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http://backports.org abuses <table> to enforce a visual layout

Hi, currently backports.org uses tables to force the end user to view
the page in a particular visual-oriented layout.  It also includes
many images that I presume are just eye-candy, because their ALT
attributes are empty and they have names like

A consequence of this is that the "Main" cell of the layout table
occupies about a third of my screen (though it is blank for the first
six screenfuls).  To view the actual content in the other pane, I have
to scroll left and right repeatedly, because the table prevents w3m
from wrapping the paragraphs of text to fit on the screen.

Please use CSS for such stuff, as then your attempts to force a
particular layout on the end user will be ignored by text-based
browsers.  It will also allow people using graphical browsers to "opt
out" by turning CSS off, or supplying their own CSS.

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