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Re: amd64 Build of postgresql-8.3 8.3.6-1~bpo40+1 missing

* Christian Hofstädtler <hofstaedtler@inqnet.at> [2009-03-03 11:59:21 CET]:
> postgresql-8.3 8.3.6-1~bpo40+1 was uploaded over two weeks ago[1], and
> appears to have been built for all platforms, except for amd64.

 Well, mips and mipsel weren't built neither, nor was arm:

 Given that a build of it shouldn't take 11 days on amd64 I rather
suspect something fishy here, too. I pinged the buildd admin to take a
look, hopefully it can be solved within the next few days.

 Thanks for the notice,

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