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Re: Upgrade to rdiff-backup 1.2.2 introduces problems with symbolic links

Jan Ingvoldstad schrieb am Freitag, den 19. Dezember 2008:

> On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 11:54 AM, Alexander Wirt <formorer@formorer.de>wrote:
> > Then get the version in debian testing downgraded first.
> Are you certain that the problem with 1.2.2 occurs in testing, and that it's
> not related to being used in backports, since you suggest this as a course
> of action?
If you mention a specific bug with a specific version this should also apply
to the version in testing which should also be fixed somehow. 

> It's fine by me, I'll file a report in testing, but I don't expect that it
> will lead to anything because I'm using backports.
And I'm managing backports and would only accept a version into bpo which is
also available in testing. 


Alexander Wirt, formorer@formorer.de 
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