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Re: libnetaddr-ip-perl missing on amd64


* Martin Reising <mreising+backports@nixhier.org> [2008-11-30 12:57:23 CET]:
> libnetaddr-ip-perl >= 4, which is need by libmail-spf-perl, is missing
> on amd64. Are there any plans to build libnetaddr-ip-perl for amd64 or
> is this a collateral damage of generating architecture depending
> package list from architecture independend archives?

 Thanks for the notice, there seems to be problems with build conflicts
defined in the package, as can be seen in the failed builds here:

 Micah, you need to set a versioned build-dependency on quilt (>= 0.46-5)
to make this problem disappear. See also my mail about this issue from a
bit ago:


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