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Re: etch backport of boost1.35 (please review)


On Wed, 2008-11-12 at 20:13 +0100, Stephan Suerken wrote:
> we here (United Internet) need boost 1.35 under etch, so we
> built this
> http://debian.installiert.net/tmp/boost1.35/
> backport; basically, we disabled the python packages, and "downgraded"
> to debhelper 5. 
> Afaiu, there is no need to reflect C++-ABI in binary packages (no ABI
> change etch<->lenny, no sarge package). 
> If anyone know any other subtleties my naive mind did not grasp, please
> report. 
> If there are no negative responses, I would upload this version to
> etch-bpo next week. 

the link now has the final version i will upload this evening if no one
opposes; note that I

 - reverted the downgrade to debhelper 5 -- I now use debhelper 7 from bpo.
 - fixed postinst/prerm for the -dbg packages.



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