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Re: A new upstream version, question about changelog.

Francesco P. Lovergine schrieb am Tuesday, den 28. October 2008:

> The current policy about the reference version is not clear to me.
> In the archive is currently present a backport of gdal 1.5.0-3,
> and I'm going to uploading the current 1.5.2-4 in lenny. Now, it
> is logical for me that I should use as reference for .changes 
> the 1.5.0-3, not the previously released 1.5.0-3~bpo40+1, which
> is not logged in the lenny package, of course. 
> Is it correct? Or I should use anyway the last available 
> on etch (i.e. the same used in the previous upload)?
You should use the latest available backport as reference, but you don't have
to include the entry of the backport itself. If the backport is
new, use the version in stable (if existing). If both are not available you
are free to include the complete changelog (it its not too long).


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