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Re: Accepted mercurial 1.0.1-5.1~bpo40+1 (source all powerpc)


 Explicitly Ccing you on your request, but propably you want to drop a
hint that you are not subscribed to not run into that problem again. :)

* Sylvain Beucler <beuc@beuc.net> [2008-10-13 21:24:09 CEST]:
> > <http://experimental.ftbfs.de/new/package.php?p=mercurial&suite=etch-bpo>
> OK, thanks for the info :)
> I wonder what caused the 'maybe-successful'. The logs looked clean at
> first glance.

 Before a buildd admin hasn't checked the log it is only marked as
maybe-successful. There might be issues that makes the package build
fine but result in broken packages when being installed. This state
thus just means that the build log wasn't yet checked.

 So long. :)

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