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Re: [Pkg-postgresql-public] Postgres major version support policy on Debian


Martin Pitt wrote:
> That's in fact the option I have most trouble with. Reason is that
> major upstream releases are roughly maintained for five years. All
> packages in Lenny main will be supported for Lenny's lifetime, which
> is in the order of 4 years (time to release plus, say, 3 years until
> the next Debian release comes out, plus one year of "oldstable"
> security/bug fix support).


> However, postgresql-8.2 is already a little less than 2 years old,
> which means that we will need to backport patches in Debian for over a
> year. I think it will just barely work with supporting 8.1 in Etch and
> 8.3 in Lenny, but 8.2 will mean trouble. That's the primary reason
> why I only want to support the latest version in a stable release. I
> just can't commit to doing all that backporting work myself.

I didn't mean to put more work on your shoulders. Quite the opposite, in

> So a compromise I can live with is to put it back into unstable (or
> even just experimental), but never let it propagate to testing. Then
> backports.org can do mechanized backports of updates without being
> tied to the long lifecycle of Lenny. Would that be an acceptable
> compromise for all involved parties?

That works for me.

Can you act as a sponsor for uploading 8.2 packages to experimental or


Markus Wanner

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