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Re: Puppet backport

Hi Micah,

On Thu, Oct 02, 2008 at 01:47:11PM -0400, Micah Anderson wrote:
> Would you kindly update the package to the latest testing release,
> subscribe to the puppet PTS page so you see when a new version hits
> testing and maintain that version increase in BPO? This would be fine,
> if you kept it up to date, otherwise I would kindly suggest a removal
> from BPO.

I screwed up.  Sorry about that.  I did not even know anymore that I
backported this package and used a version in a private repository
instead.  It seems that I wasn't in my right mind at that time...

If you want me to do the maintainance of that bpo package now I could do
that, but it seems easier to me to just remove it, as that's common
practise for unmaintained packages.

Philipp Kern
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