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Re: RFS: procinfo (backports package)

Gerfried Fuchs ha scritto:
> * Giuseppe Iuculano <giuseppe@iuculano.it> [2008-10-01 12:58:09 CEST]:
>> I am looking for a sponsor for the new version 1:2.0.217-2~bpo40+1
>> of my package "procinfo".
>  That version is only in unstable and neither approved by the
> release-team to move over to testing - and your mail doesn't really
> include a reason for why there should be an exception done to the
> backports policy of only allowing packages from testing being uploaded
> to backports?
>  Can you please elaborate? Thanks,
> Rhonda

Unfortunately I adopted procinfo too late, testing was already in freeze, and
new upstream are rejected by the release-team.

From 1:2.0.208-1 procinfo was replaced by procinfo-ng, the old procinfo in
testing/stable is completely wrong, broken on 64bit platforms, many features are
broken, other features are pointless on 2.6 kernels (cat /proc/filesystems, done
as a every 2 seconds poll?)


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