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libvirt: FTBFS on most architectures on bpo


libvirt 0.4.4-3~bpo40+1 currently FTBFS on most architectures (see [1]).
This seems to be caused by #423368 in open-iscsi which is fixed in
Lenny / unstable but not in Etch. I see two ways how to fix / work
around this:

 * Backport open-iscsi as well. I don't use it, so somebody else would
   have to step up for that.

 * Don't actually start any init scripts on the buildds, e.g. by using
   some kind of invoke-rc.d (that's how it's supposedly done on the
   official buildds). Any comments on that by the experimental / bpo
   buildd admins?


[1] http://experimental.ftbfs.de/build.php?&pkg=libvirt

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