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List all available packages

Dear all,

is it possible to search for all available packages from debian backports with version numbers? I wasn't able to do so on backports.org because I couldn't enter neither nothing nor "*" in the package search field.

As a workaround I have written a python script. I attach it as maybe you might find it useful. Run it with "apt-cache dumpavail | python <NameOfScript>.py". Of course this works only if you enabled backports on your system and called "apt-get update" before.

However I'd be glad to have a simpler - and preferably online - solution.

Best regards,


--- Begin of Script ---

# "Run with apt-cache dumpavail | python <Name of you script>.py"

import sys

lines = sys.stdin.readlines()

packageline = ""
newparagraph = True

for line in lines:

   if newparagraph:
      packageline = line.strip()
      newparagraph = False

   if line.strip() == "":
      newparagraph = True

   if line.startswith("Version:") and "~bpo" in line:
      sys.stdout.write(packageline + ''.join([' ' for i in range(0,45-len(packageline))]) + line)

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