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Re: [debian@onerussian.com: please add my key] 3rd attempt

Yaroslav Halchenko schrieb am Tuesday, den 06. May 2008:

> Dear Backporters,
> I think I uploaded to backports before, but I don't remember if I
> provided you with my key, thus following guidelines from
> http://www.backports.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=contribute
> I am sending a singed email with a key I use to sign Debian packages on
> a regular basis. Otherwise I seems fail to upload properly
> http://lists.backports.org/lurker-bpo/message/20080418.184614.f133a4e3.en.html
> Is there anyone who could help me to contribute? :-)
Sorry, for the delay. 
You have been added:
Uid:     yoh (ID: 171)
Maint:   Yaroslav Halchenko (Yarik) 
FP:      3BB6E1240643A6156F0068548D11456375C024C8

Please subscribe to the users ml if you haven't already done so. 


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