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Re: Xen backports questions

In gmane.linux.debian.backports.general, you wrote:
> My first question is : There is a xen-hypervisor-3.2-1-amd64 packet created
> before xen 3.2.1 has been released. Which version of xen hypervisor is it ?
> How could I know it ?

The package name contains the xen major version (3.2), but the actual
package version in backports is 3.2.0-3~bpo4+2. You can see this using
packages.debian.org, or with
"apt-cache show xen-hypervisor-3.2-1-amd64". The part before the - is
the upstream version, in this case "3.2.0".

> The second one is : Could I use the linux-image-2.6-amd64 packet
> (linux-image-2.6.22-4-amd64) with Xen. I've seen some people saying
> that xen was not enable in this kernel. Is it exact ? How could I know
> it ?

You need a kernel package with "xen" in the name.
linux-image-2.6-xen-amd64 is a metapackage that depends on the latest
debian xen kernel for amd64 (currently 2.6.18).

HTH, Jason

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