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Re: Packages for adoption

also sprach Andreas Metzler <ametzler@downhill.at.eu.org> [2008.04.27.1248 +0400]:
> would you mind explaining the reason for that? I am just being
> curious.

Well, with pbuilder or sbuild, normally, you pass it a source
package and it then rebuilds that source package. First, I think
this is an unnecessary step, and second it forces me to sign the
.dsc file again.

The actual reason is that I am experimenting with source-only
uploads to my own archive, and specifically upload requests, as per:


Thus, I work on the package and do everything needed for
backporting, then I tell dpkg-buildpackage -S to create the source
package and I hand that (or an upload request) to my build scripts,
which build the packages on etch, as per the request and/or source
package changes file.

The build scripts provide me with a changes file for an upload to
dak, which I have to sign and off it goes.

The issue is that this changes file, as well as the .dsc file are
generated by sid's dpkg. etch's dpkg can handle it just fine.

I hope this explains my reason adequatly.

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