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Re: gnash0.8.2

Ran into this gnash bug via the gnash IRC today.  When you do get a chance to investigate further perhaps this bug will shed some light on the problem. 
Thanks Tony
from gnash irc
<pugliese>  I am a debian etch powerpc user trying to understand the problems with the gnash0.8.2 backport powerpc build problems 
<bwy> Do you mean https://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?22753 ?
<pugliese> Thanks I will compare the description to what see in the etch/gnash build page for the powerpc
<bwy> Most of those errors seem to have to do with stringstream.
 On 2008-04-23 16:27, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
> * Pugliese <tony@ajpugliese.com> [2008-04-23 16:58:07 CEST]:
> > Gerfried,
> > Looks like the powerpc still doesn't build.  Is there a person I
> > should communicate with to follow future progress.
>  Hmm, strange. I can confirm the problem on my system (interestingly I'm
> on PowerPC myself). I don't have a quick fix for it, maybe it's just
> some missing header include that only gets triggered on powerpc, am
> unsure yet.
>  I'm sorry that I don't have right now the time to investigate further
> but I promise to take a look. In the meantime you unfortunately have to
> stick with the 0.7.2 backport.
>  Thanks for the notice, at least.
> Rhonda

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