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Re: autobackporters? I'd need help for the autodocksuite.

Steffen Moeller yazmış:
> Hello,
> I maintain the (source) package autodock(suite) for Debian and just
> received a request for Etch. This makes sense for the larger compute
> farms, indeed. I'd guess that it just compiles under etch, too, without
> any human intelligence required. Is there any way to autotransform that
> package for etch-backports?
> If this is an FAQ then it is not listed as such :o/
> Many thanks,
> Steffen
There is prevu for ubuntu. It can be used for debian with little
modification. I also have a shell script which do same job. Both
of them get the package name or dsc file or debian source directory
 as an argument, download packages, modify the changelog file and
then pdebuild. Here is the prevu (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Prevu).
Since it is heavily customized for me,  I can't publish my shell
script, but if you want, I can send it to you.

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