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Re: Release plans regarding kernel 2.6.24 release

On Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 01:27:11PM +0100, Tobias Reckhard wrote:

> Trying to solve a VDR-related problem on my etch system, I checked the 
> etch backports for updated kernel packages. Since my problem persists 
> with the 2.6.22-6 package currently available, I checked 
> http://people.backports.org/~tretkowski/etch/linux-2.6/ and found 1 
> 2.6.24 package. May I ask what the current plans regarding its release 
> look like?

Funny you should mention that. 2.6.24-4 just hit testing, so hopefully
2.6.24-4~bpo40+1 will be hitting backports soon?



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