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Re: backport for aptitude


Sebastian Harl wrote:

> If you're looking for a source package to build aptitude yourself, you
> can simply get it from ftp.debian.org [1] (you need the .dsc, .diff.gz,
> and .orig.tar.gz). It looks like the current version in testing should
> build fine on Etch - I did not test it though.

I just tried this: I had to backport the following packages as well to
fullfill aptitude's build-deps:

ikiwiki (cwidget build fails with ikiwiki from etch, even though the
	 build-deps don't state a certain version)

After that, aptitude built alright, is installable and seems to work. If
nobody beats me to it, I can prepare a proper backport over the easter

Also, I'll file a bug regarding cwidget's build-deps.



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