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Re: Squid3

Hi Jase,
I had no plan to backport squid3 to etch, since it has been released as STABLE but it's still far from perfect.

I'm now backporting squid version 2.6 from lenny since it includes some bugs fixed that, while not RC are still important to most users.

Since you asked, I'll try to make a backport of squid3 in the next few days.



Il giorno 23/gen/08, alle ore 21:24, Desai, Jason ha scritto:

Hello.  Are there any plans to backport squid3?  It looks like it went
stable in December, and lenny has the stable version now. Squid3 since version 3.0.PRE6-1 has ICAP support configured in it, which I would like
to test.  If there are no plans, I will just download and compile
myself, but I thought I'd check here first.  Thanks!

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