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pidgin 2.2 for Debian etch


I have just seen your pidgin 2.2. packages for Debian etch on


They are very useful for me, thanks for providing them for etch (I still have 
to install and test them, but that will happen soon).

The only drawback for me is that the directory is no Debian archive, i.e. 
aptitude will not pick security updates automatically.

I copied the backports.org mailing list (not sure if it is the right one 
though), maybe they want to pull the packages over to their repository (or 
you can upload it there, many more Debian users would probably find it there 
easier anyways).

Many thanks for the package again.


Rainer Dorsch
Lärchenstr. 6
D-72135 Dettenhausen
email: rdorsch@web.de
jabber: rdorsch@jabber.org
GPG Fingerprint: 5966 C54C 2B3C 42CC 1F4F  8F59 E3A8 C538 7519 141E
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