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Re: False information on backports.org

Jan Wagner wrote:
> I never used pinning in relation with bpo, "aptitude -t
> [sarge|etch]-backports install <package>" did work absolut perfectly
> and as expected. Dunno why anybody want to use pinning instead.

Prior to the setting of "NotAutomatic: yes" in the Release file
pinning was pretty much required to *prevent* the automatic upgrade
the the newer versions on backports.org.  Now that it is there the
need is less.  However the wildcard pinning value of 200 was
recommended as the way to "deactivate" the site.

  Package: *
  Pin: release a=etch-backports
  Pin-Priority: 200

The advantage of this pinning is that www.backports.org can remain in
the sources.list file but will not be selected as a source unless a
package is already newer than what is available in etch stable.

A browse through the archives will find many past discussions of
pinning and the good and evil of it.

I agree that the currently documented instructions are too tedious.
It might be the perfectly safe belt-and-suspenders way to avoid any
possibility of problems but I know that *I* don't use it in practice.
I would like to see something like the older recommendation


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