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Re: backporting GPLv3 packages [2]

Am Sonntag, den 23.09.2007, 19:06 +0200 schrieb Emmanuel Bouthenot:
> I've already read a post on this mailing list about it but looking at
> the backports repository, i can't find base-files >= 4.0.1 as it was
> said it was in the NEW queue.
> Was it removed ?

Yes, because of a wrong version number. Robert, could you please upload
it again?

> Is it a better way to deal with such issue to modify the copyright
> file and include the GPLv3 as doc ?

According to debian-release there will be no update for base-files in
stable, I think the best way to handle this is to add base-files 4.0.1
to backports.org, and add a dependency on base-files >= 4.0.1~bpo40+1
to backports requiring it.


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