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Re: Request backport of Bacula 2 for etch?

* Gerfried Fuchs <rhonda@deb.at> [2007-09-14 08:34:48 CEST]:
> * Paul Muster <paul@muster.dyndns.info> [2007-09-14 06:54:03 CEST]:
> > Marc Sherman wrote:
> > >I'd still like to request a Bacula backport from testing, if anyone is
> > >willing to maintain it.
> > 
> > AOL, me2.
> have one of you tried to do a backport for yourself yet, noticed any
> problems with dependencies?

 Just noticed one, libqwt5-qt4-dev.  If one does a backport of bacula
one would have either to disable the qt console, or do a backport of
that, too.  I might be thinking of the former, but will give it a while
to think about it and test.

 Inputs about wether to do that or not are welcome,

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