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backporting GPLv3 packages


Please note that there are a couple of important things that should be taken
into consideration when backporting GPLv3 packages.  Because GPLv3 was only
added to /usr/share/common-licenses atfer etch (in base-files 4.0.1), packages
that follow the usual convention of referring to common-licenses will suddenly
be found with either:

  - a link to an incorrect license (if they refer to .../GPL for gplv3-or-later)
  - a broken link (if they refer to .../GPL-3 for gplv3-only)

Of course, if this is properly handled in the package, you should expect a
versioned dependency on "base-files (>= 4.0.1)".  But I wouldn't take this for

I would recommend that some reminder note is added to the upload guidelines in:


Ah, btw, a base-files 4.0.1 backport has just been uploaded and it is pending

Robert Millan

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