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Problem running flashplugin-nonfree (installed OK)

I have the latest flashplugin-nonfree installed
successfully on this system.  i386, Etch+backports.org, KDE 3.5.7 (so
far as it has yet entered bpo).

On installation, it successfully downloads the player from Adobe and
installs it.  There is no checksum mismatch problem.

However when I try to view a page with a Flash video, the plugin does
not display anything.  Nothing at all - not even the presence of a video
is shown, never mind playing it.

The only thing in .xsession errors is as follows:

  nspluginviewer (plugin): ERROR: Can't create plugin class

If I revert to flashplayer-mozilla from standard Etch, I
can once again see Flash videos.

I'm stuck.  How can I diagnose what my problem might be with
flashplugin-nonfree from BPO ?



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