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RFA sarge-backports

since I've the packages I backported for sarge no longer in use I'd
like to give people a note to maybe adopt them in the form to update
them if they like.
Otherwise it might make sense to remove the.

The packages in question are:

lyx / dvipost
From a security point of view both are harmless.
LyX could be updated to at least the 1.4.5 version which will be released
along with LyX 1.5. While the new 1.5 version might be unstable and more
hard to backport because it's build with QT 4.
As one of the package maintainers I've no intention to do it so if someone
would like to take the challenge feel free.

whitelister / syslog-ocaml
I don't know if this package ever had any other users on sarge systems beside
myself so it might even be safe to remove it.

This is quite a bad situation because this package should not have entered
bpo at the time it passed through. Now it's in and it might be usefull to
have it updated. So if someone is still running Proftpd on sarge it could
be usefull to pick this one up. At least someone should take care of
security updates which might be needed.
In this case I expect that the package has a user base so I guess it would
be a bad move to simply remove it.


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