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Re: Good, but Pidgin?

> Congratulation for this backports, but... When will arrive Pidgin? There
> is any problem?

No there isn't - in fact I could even build pidgin the newer pidgin 2.0.2
for etch using the 2.0.1 diff from testing.

Possibly the backporters are waiting for 2.0.2 to get into testing rather
than waste time on 2.0.1.

Build the 2.0.2 thing is my advice - yes it won't match testing/unstable
but should be upgradeable smoothly when the time comes, as 2.0.2 is likely
to get in way before next freeze. It's straightforward, really:

- download the upstream 2.0.2 tarball and the 2.0.1 diff found by
packages.debian.org into the same directory
- gunzip the diff, untar the tarball
- change into tarball's dir
- patch -p1 <../(name of diff).dif
- dch -i , and give some release name so it's not confused weith official
or bpo
- dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
- It might terminate with a list of unmet build-dependencies. Install
those in one run of aptitude, and try again
- When build finishes, install the resulting debs
- Enjoy latest Pidgin :)

Yours, Mikhail Ramendik

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