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I have tried installing flashplugin-nonfree from bpo. I am using sarge, with 
xfree86 from sarge/security and with firefox from bpo.

For some reason, x-window-system (the virtual package) and more importantly 
xfs were removed at its installation! This left X graphics nearly unusable. 
But the Flash player was downloaded and supposedly installed.

I have switched into console and reinstalled xfs , then flashplugin-nonfree 
was removed. I then I re-logged-on to the X session, started firefox, and 
looked at about:plugins. There is no trace of the Flash plugin! And indeed 
Flash now does not work (I had Flash player 7 before). The Flash plugin .so 
file is not found in /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins .

So apparently the removal worked... but why on Earth is it incompatible with 
xfs ? And how can I get Flash player 9, apart from directly using Adobe's 

Yours, Mikhail Ramendik

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