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Re: php5_5.2.0-7~bpo.1_i386.changes is NEW


Jan Wagner wrote:
On Friday 08 December 2006 10:02, Martijn Grendelman wrote:
Jan Wagner wrote:
Nope, it was against apache from sarge. I´m guessing its related to LFS,
but not shure.
Not sure if this helps.

It did a bit. I got the stuff working by disableing LFS. Need to clean up things first, befor coming out with anything.

Indeed, disabling LFS worked for me too. I have built mine using libapr1-dev 1.2.7-7 from Bpo. The version in unstable is now 1.2.7-8, which has a changelog entry that reads:

* Small kludge^Wtweak to apr_file_info.h to make the ABI stable across
  LFS/non-LFS preprocessor flags.  (See: #397402)

Hell, I have NO idea if this has anything to do with the problem, so forgive me if I'm talking BS here.

For the brave and crazy, I have put my PHP 5.2.0 packages for Apache 2.2 on http://www.grendelman.net/debian/. Please note this is NOT a plain backport from testing, this is my own highly customized, pimped-to-the-max build, which does have some small but solveable issues.

Best regards,

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