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Re: hplip backport

Hi Sylvain,

I did some investigation on my system:

1.) lsusb does not show my OfficeJet 6110
2.) It is shown in the Infocenter of KDE and it is available for printing.
3.) Hp-setup can not find any printer, probably due to "no printer" for lsusb
4.) Invoking hp-setup with the necessary "HP Model" via copy and paste from 
Infocenter does not change anything.
5.) Kernel and udevd always find this printer and connect it through 
6.) start in init.d always stops after launching hpssd (python script). As I 
could see in you very good documentation, you did a workaround to avoid 
backport of python.

--> 2 possible points:

So in my opinion further steps should be:

Backport current usbutils  (0.72 instead of 0.70)
--> see, whether lsusb will show the printer
reinstall hplip again
test hp-setup
if it does not work, check backport of python


Is anyone working on a backport of usbutils??

please send me your backport, if available. So I will check the first steps.


Wolfgang Schnitker

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