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mutt segfaulting with imap

Hello list,

I use mutt from backports connect to a imap server running
courier-imap/sarge. This runs quiet well for some time.

Suddenly it started to segfault when starting up mutt or switching to
the main INBOX folder. I "think" this is due some mail in this folder
but I dont know which one.

I rebuilt mutt from backports with debugging symbols to get a

(gdb) bt
#0  mx_update_context (ctx=0x8140350, new_messages=1060) at ../mx.c:1617
#1  0x080d31c2 in imap_read_headers (idata=0x81553c8, msgbegin=796,
    msgend=1059) at ../../imap/message.c:344
#2  0x080cfe96 in imap_open_mailbox (ctx=0x8140350) at ../../imap/imap.c:754
#3  0x08088649 in mx_open_mailbox (path=0x5 <Address 0x5 out of bounds>,
    flags=0, pctx=0x0) at ../mx.c:718
#4  0x0807e7be in main (argc=1, argv=0xbffffb04) at ../main.c:966

This is mutt version 1.5.13-1~bpo.1

I tested with mutt from sarge and it segfaults too but I dont checked if
it results in the same stacktrace. I cant test with mutt from etch
and/or sid currently.

I use the header cache feature. When disabling the header cache mutt
works find (but is sloooow). This indicates a corrupted header cache.

Perhaps someone knows a workaround or a fix for this without deleting
the cache. I would like to use the header_cache.


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