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Re: Firefox IPv6

On Sat, Aug 05, 2006 at 01:11:28AM -0500, Jochen Antesberger wrote:
> Hi,

Good morning Jochen,

> I've been using Firefox from bpo for a few weeks and just noticed that
> it does not use IPv6 when connecting to IPv6 enabled websites. Firefox
> 1.0 from Sarge did use IPv6, when available. Of course I have checked my
> connectivity, and it's working fine.

i'm using the same browser and IPv6 works for me.
firefox - 1.5.dfsg+

$ lsof -i6 | grep firefox
firefox-b 30364 alex   48u  IPv6 534893       TCP
castor.castornet.ynfonatic.de:44221->noc.sixxs.net:www (ESTABLISHED)
firefox-b 30364 alex   53u  IPv6 534894       TCP
castor.castornet.ynfonatic.de:44222->noc.sixxs.net:www (ESTABLISHED)
firefox-b 30364 alex   55u  IPv6 534895       TCP
castor.castornet.ynfonatic.de:44223->noc.sixxs.net:www (ESTABLISHED)
firefox-b 30364 alex   58u  IPv6 534896       TCP
castor.castornet.ynfonatic.de:44224->noc.sixxs.net:www (ESTABLISHED)

> Was the version von bpo build without v6 support?


Did you probably enable any proxies in your browser? Cause if they don't speak
v6, Firefox falls back to v4.

> Cheers,
> Jochen


"I am tired of all this sort of thing called science here... We have spent
millions in that sort of thing for the last few years, and it is time it
should be stopped."
 -- Simon Cameron, U.S. Senator, on the Smithsonian Institute, 1901. 

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