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bpo's udev broke my vpn server

I have a machine that uses several vlans, and the version of udev on
backports.org has a problem that causes the devices to be created as eg.
vlan4_temp instead of vlan4. Needless to say, this breaks some things.

The backports.org udev is based on 0.91-1, and unstable's very next udev
release after this was urgency high with this changelog:

udev (0.091-2) unstable; urgency=high

  * write_cd_rules: create dvdrw links for DVD-R drives too. (Closes: #365224)
  * write_net_rules: add DRIVER=="?*" to all rules in the hope that this
    will make them not match bridges and VLAN sub-interfaces without
    breaking any other interface. More information from the kernel and from
    kernel developers would be welcome. (Closes: #365248)
  * persistent-input.rules: fixed matching on the SYSFS keys. (Closes: #365444)

 -- Marco d'Itri <md@linux.it>  Thu,  4 May 2006 01:43:58 +0200

I'm thinking the "write_net_rules" bit is the culprit here.

who do I bug for an updated backport? I went to work on a saturday
morning to fix it, maybe I can spare somebody else the trouble.


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