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Re: Accepted apt (source all i386)

* Anthony DeRobertis <aderobertis@metrics.net> [060531 15:25]:

>   1. Apt currently Suggests: gnupg. You could upgrade that to a
>      Recommends. Actually, that seems reasonable to be done in
>      unstable, too.

$ apt-cache show apt
Package: apt
Recommends: debian-archive-keyring

~$ apt-cache show debian-archive-keyring
Package: debian-archive-keyring
Depends: gnupg (>= 1.0.6-4)

So it won't change anything to make gnupg a Recommends for apt.  Using a
packagmanagement tool which respects recommends will allready install
gnupg through dependencies.

Yours sincerely,


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