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Re: Backports - Best practise (or something similar)

Frank Küster wrote:
> But isn't the information a little contradictory?

I would like to refer to my mail here:

> Furthermore, I'm not sure whether it is actually a good idea to follow
> recommendation 5.  It's fine if you don't need other backports as
> build-dependencies.  But as soon as you need at least one, or even a
> couple of them, isn't it safer to keep a pbuilder tarball that is kept
> up-to-date with respect to backports.org, and build in that?  Otherwise,
> I would have to manually make sure that the needed backports are
> available, and that they are up-to-date if needed.

rec. 5 means basically, that you should *not* compile every program e.g.
against xorg, or against kde from bpo: in this case, every user of that
backport would also be forced to install xorg/kde/$whatever at the same
time (same for every unneeded dependency upgrade).

> I would rather suggest to adjust build-depends (for example, if a
> package in etch has

ack, that is what i do too; where do you see any conflict with what i
said before?

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