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Re: Accepted apt (source all i386)

Norbert Tretkowski wrote:
Hmm... the problem here is, that I forced adding the bpo key to the
apt keyring in the postinst. But in general, gpg is not required for
apt, so I don't like the idea of adding it to the dependencies. I'll
think about it.
Random suggestions:

  1. Apt currently Suggests: gnupg. You could upgrade that to a
     Recommends. Actually, that seems reasonable to be done in
     unstable, too.
  2. if [-x /usr/bin/gpg]; then apt-key add
     /usr/share/apt/backports-archive.gpg >/dev/null; fi
  3. apt-key add /usr/share/apt/backports-archive.gpg >/dev/nul || true

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