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Re: Amanda backport?

Sebastian Harl wrote:
> Is that a common policy for bpo? I've not heard that before.

dh is just a build-dependency, that means the user of the package will
not have additional dependiencies to install. since we have dh5 anyway
on bpo, i strongly suggest to use dh5 to keep the bpo specific changes
as minimal as possible.

otherwise, you may shut yourself in the foot if dh4 behaves diffrent
(e.g. library packages, -dbg packages etc) than dh5 on your package.
that would require more changes to fix it and you have to take care of
these changes, which is an additional point of failure.

> I will rebuild it some time this week... I'm off to LUG (Linux User Group)
> Camp now :-)

have fun ;)

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