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request to list a canadian mirror


  I would like my mirror to be officially listed and also pushed.

  I am mirroring it since well over a year.  Sure, the people on the
list that live in Canada are welcome to use it if they don't already.

  I will also exchange the needed informations to get my mirror pushed
directly with the responsible person.  By the way, is it normal that
the signature for the public key fails?



  Here my mirror informations:

Site: gulus.USherbrooke.ca
Aliases: gulus.usherb.ca
Sponsor: http://www.gulus.org
Type: Push-Primary
Archive-ftp: /debian-backports/
Archive-http: /debian-backports/
Archive-rsync: debian-backports/
Mirrors-from: syncproxy.backports.org
Maintainer: gulus-miroir@listes.USherbrooke.ca
Maintainer: Simon Valiquette <v.simon@ieee.org>
Country: CA
Location: Montréal (Québec)

  Thank you,

Simon Valiquette

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