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Re: Older backported versions

Hannes Ebner wrote:

is there an archive with older versions of backported packages? I would
need xserver-xorg in version 6.8.2.

Due to a bug in xserver-xorg 6.9.0 I cannot use an external monitor on
my Laptop (radeon/ati driver). This bug has been fixed in 7.0 and does
not exist in pre-6.9 versions like 6.8.2. However, since xorg 7.0 is in
unstable already, a fixed version of 6.9.0 will not make it into testing.


Hi all,

I, too, have a buggy xserver-xorg 6.9.0 that I installed from sarge backports. I have an ATI Radeon PCIE, and It takes xdm like one or two minutes to display
login and password. during this time the screen remains black.



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