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Re: Problem with kernel-update

Frank Küster wrote:
No, yes, it does remember (somehow) where it got a package from.
Well, to be more precise, it doesn't remember. Or, at least, doesn't care. It just pretends.

What happens is that stable has a pin priority of 500. Sarge-backports has less. When apt is faced with multiple versions of a package, say grub, the normal rule is "of the versions in the highest priority group, install the highest version." So, if you've just used stable, it'll check the priority 500 group—which generally includes stable and stable-security.

Now, there are several exceptions to this normal rule. You can read all about them in the apt_preferences(5) manpage. The important one is "don't downgrade." If the highest version in any priority group is less than the currently installed version, that priority group is ignored.

So, when you install a backport, the installed version is higher than the version in the highest priority group (sarge + sarge-security). APT thus ignores that group. The highest priority group is now sarge-backports, so APT proceeds to install the latest version in sarge-backports.

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