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Re: Questions about backports and firefox

On 5/6/06, Wu-Kung Sun <sunwukung@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi, I've never used backports but would like to try the firefox
backport.  When I do so it says it will upgrade
  mozilla-firefox-locale-zh-cn [1.0.4lang20050515-1 ->]
  mozilla-firefox-locale-zh-tw [1.0.4lang20050515-1 ->]
and remove
  mozilla-firefox-locale-ja [1.0+rev.0.7.7-1]
  mozilla-mplayer [2.80-2 -> 3.25-5]
What is the way to get those packages?  More generally, if you install
a backport version of a package, then anything you want that depends
on that package must also have a backports version?

Can anyone help on this?


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