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Re: OpenOffice.Org Backport & Icons in Nautilus

Rene Engelhard wrote:

OK, I looked. Indeed, the GNOME stuff in stable "of course" misses the
new OpenDocument types. However, the new packages in sid do (but show
generic "ODT" etc icons).
Your links didn't work on sid (where I tested it), though, the links
needed to be in /usr/share/icons/gnome for me.
/usr/share/icons/gnome is the system-wide directory; ~/.local/share/icons is the per-user directory. Or at least thats the case on Sarge. Not sure if GNOME upstream decided to remove that feature in newer versions.
However, the problem is that those files exist in gnome-icon-theme
and I'd need to divert them away on sid/testing if I wanted to exchange
those generic icons with the OOo ones. The same applied to the backport
for upgrade issues.

So I am not sure whether I really should do that...
No idea if its a good idea on sid; the GNOME team can probably better answer that. I'd guess "no."

However, on sarge, it's really nice to have the icons. Perhaps sarge-backports could have a separate, very-low-maintainence, icons package?

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