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Re: FreeNX - Any chance?

There are debian packages out there. I compiled packages for sarge from
the debianised source. I don't exactly remember where I got them from in
January, when I was playing around with it.

Anyway, there is a link on the download page of the freenx project. You
can find the sarge-packages at:

Sources at:

Seems to be the same version that I used for my tests. For the client I
used the 'debian-package' of the commercial version (available free of
charge), but that only puts a Unix hierarchy  into /usr/NX and you'll
have to take care of integration into your system yourself.

The speed that I got out of it was really good. I run my remote sessions
over the atlantic, hence with quite some latency and NX does really well
there. In particular working with xterm and friends is a real joy.
Scrolling works great too (e.g. in firefox).
But I did have a problem with reconnecting to an existing session. That
worked unreliably at best; usually not at all and I had to `kill` the
session on the server manually. That was especially annoying because I
often caused a timeout by inactivity.

I pretty much kept with VNC again, because I need the session detach
feature (virtual machine with VNC-X running on a dedicated server). Also
there is no NX equivalent of x11vnc to tap into existing X11 sessions.

Documentation also is not too much developed. It took me a few minutes
to get to a basic system, and at the moment I cannot remember what I had
to do.

Of course NX and VNC run next to eachother without problems as each is
just another X server.


Am Dienstag, den 02.05.2006, 11:15 -0400 schrieb Jesse Sightler:
> That's unfortunate.
> Are there any other alternatives to VNC that aren't dog slow? :)
> Thanks,
> Jess
> On 5/1/06, Norbert Tretkowski <norbert@tretkowski.de> wrote:
> > * Jesse Sightler wrote:
> > > Is there any chance of getting FreeNX in the backports.org
> > > repository for Sarge?
> >
> > I don't see any FreeNX package in unstable.
> >
> >                 Norbert
> >

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