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vlc for the fearless part II

Hi all,
ok I tried to burn my fingers again with the new vlc-0.8.5 from sid.
This time it's a little bit more complex because I had to build it against
libwxgtk-2.6 (it no longer builds with 2.4) and with xulrunner instead
of mozilla-dev.
Well it took some time to build xulrunner (41MB source package *sigh*)
but it finaly build. What I have not checked is if the mozilla plugin
actually works.

So if someone is still looking for an evening adventure here are the packages:

If you want to _use_ vlc  only, you've to install vlc, wxvlc + one of the
sound plugins _and_ all depends on those packages. You'll find them in
sarge and on backports.org. Needed from backports.org is libwxgtk2.6-0 and
libmpcdec3. All other packages you can find on my site are only needed to
_build_ vlc.

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